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Originally posted by GP2
Oops: the latest cleared.txt (cleared exponents) shows:

33238477  69     0xD12F51397BCA23__                01-Sep-03 14:16  S67532         C7364A0E9
33243181  69     0x84CEB8C84F756C__                13-Sep-03 09:47  Salz           Pinguin
33255259  69     0x9396794888AB68__                13-Sep-03 04:02  kom            Cel1_7G
33290479  69     0xA15113231F7710__                09-Sep-03 19:17  S62207         C16FB22CD
33297029  69     0x5DF171F39BC1CC__                10-Sep-03 08:58  S58328         C0D1BE822
These were cleared recently (note the files LUCAS_V.TXT and HRF3.TXT files are updated every week or so, so the data for them is from Sept 9... which doesn't explain that first exponent dated 01-Sep-03 though).
I investigated further with regards to the exponent dated 01-Sep-03.

It turns out that this exponent 33238477 is one of only 15 that are in cleared.txt (with a date before 09-Sep-03) but were never entered into the data files. An amazing coincidence that this current thread just happened to stumble on such an exponent.

See the new Cleared exponents that never made it into data files thread.
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