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[Sept 9 2003 data files used for the figures below]

Well, there's a total of 5797 primes in this range (33.2M-33.3M), but 3604 have known factors, leaving 2193 candidates. And sure enough, the "nofactor" file (derived from NOFACTOR.CMP) has 2193 entries in this range.

Of these 2193 exponents, there are 30 in LUCAS_V.TXT (verified-good results, matching double-checks) and there are 1459 in HRF3.TXT (only one LL test, or non-matching double-checks).

So 704 exponents in this range have no known factor and never had an LL test returned. Primenet shows that 231 assignments are still pending, so that means 473 exponents in this range have never been assigned by Primenet.

It's possible that those 473 exponents were assigned manually, or reserved by someone using Mlucas or Glucas. But most likely they have just never been assigned to anyone. After all these are very big exponents that take a long time, and only a small group of folks with fast machines are working on them.

So my guess is that the increase from 1027 to 1032 just means that 5 new exponents were requested in this range during this time.

Note that many exponents have trivial factors, so most of the factors in this range were eliminated a long time ago. By the time Primenet hands out factoring assignments, only non-trivial factors remain. So you can see only 184 new factors were found since the last database sync.
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