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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
What happens if you add set -x to the script? It should show you what the shell thinks the command it's executing is. Try it both in the small working script and the big one where it does not work. See the man page for bash for details (search for "SHELL BUILTIN COMMANDS" and scroll down).
Thanks - I'll play with this and see what it shows.

For the time being, unless the above gets me some good info, I have come up with a solution in the following way:

I know the following:
"expr($test*$m)" | ../../yafu/yafu
will give the earlier complaint about a bathchfile, but it will also provide the answer within all the generated lines. The good part is that the answer is in the same element, if I parse the return via an array. I can harvest it from the array in a consistent manner.

I will probably run with this solution for now, unless I can easily find why the earlier script versions don't work and correct it.
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