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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
@kriesel: You have not tested with PrimeNet enabled. This is necessary for comparison because the OP had output in the communication thread. I deduct that from you post where there should have been an AID or N/A in the worktodo.txt line you gave.
False. PrimeNet was enabled for my entire session and more. The Pminus1 line I gave in the earlier post is the form the advanced dialog generated in a session WITH PRIMENET ON THE CLIENT SET OPERATIONAL. ("UsePrimenet=1" in prime.txt, etc.) PrimeNet communication is periodic, not instant or continuous. Pminus1 is a known prime95 form but is not an accepted PrimeNet API form. But the prime95 client will run with it anyway. I use that routinely to perform GPU72 row bounds on various exponents. Results are accepted; assignment is not, so no status is available for that worktodo entry on the personal assignments web page.

You can test all that for yourself, by pasting the worktodo line I gave into your own worktodo, confirm there is no AID or N/A, confirm your PrimeNet configurations are complete and correct and operational, let it run a while but not so long it does a PrimeNet sync, observe progress occurs with no error yet, check the worktodo still has no AID or N/A, then use Advanced, Manual communication, send new expected dates, or wait until the client gets around to its usual sync, and check again. Check your personal assignments page too if you like.

(I didn't spend that much time because PrimeNet sync seemed irrelevant to what I then thought to be the OP's question, an issue with the client software not accepting it as input or generating an error on its own, and concern about bounds. I thought he meant immediately after clicking OK on the advanced P-1 menu that an error appeared. Note the OP did not indicate in post 1 anything about a "Primenet error 44" or time delays before an error appeared. I missed the "communication window" clue.)

Eventually, PrimeNet gets involved and rejects the Pminus1 assignment type during the sync, THEN inserts the N/A in the worktodo line. That could be seconds, or many hours, after the initial manual creation of the Pminus1 line at the client through the advanced menu, since sync happens typically daily.

Note also, this from primenet.h of prime95 v30.4b8 or v30.6b4:
/* Valid work_preference values */
#define PRIMENET_WP_PMINUS1        3    /* P-1 of small Mersennes --- not supported */
#define PRIMENET_WP_PFACTOR        4    /* P-1 of large Mersennes */
Pminus1 worktodo entry form is for prime95 where we can explicitly specify bounds, though.

OP: sometimes a screen capture, or Edit, Copy Window, post the relevant window text portion, will help greatly in clarifying the issue and details you're actually seeing, so responses can be more pertinent the first time.
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