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Originally Posted by ATH View Post
I have only heard about up to 8-channel memory so far on the newest servers.
Searching for Dell 7920:

To get 6-channel memory, I think you need to install 6 DIMMs in every 2nd slot or all 12 DIMMs, and it should be the exact same type of RAM.

Try CPU-Z:
You do not have to install anything, there is a zip file with CPU-Z:

Just run the "cpuz_x64.exe" and on the Memory tab it will show you how many memory channels you use, mine is running 4-channel memory (quad):
There are 12 sockets of the 24 occupied. One DIMM is Dell, the other 11 Kingston. All DIMMs are the same size. Perhaps I should swap the Dell DIMM for a Kingston one, but there are clearly 12 channels in use, as the photograph from the BIOS shows. Even the Kingston DIMMs, although cheaper than Dell, are not exactly cheap. If it was thought to be a benefit from changing I would do so, but I doubt there is. But maybe others feel otherwise - I'm open to suggestions.

Edit - I will try those utilities later, but I need to reboot into Windows, and I have some real work to do just now.

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