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Originally Posted by axn View Post
What are you asking for? What I would pay as a consumer or what I should get paid as a service provider?

What do you mean by "replace advertising" when you also say "everything that was originally paid for by taxes or advertising"? If everything has already been paid for, then why is there still "advertising"?

Could you take your time and explain your thoughts in detail so that we can have some meaningful discussion?
Broadcasting video, however it's done, always has a cost. But if the consumer benefits from the video, doesn't the creator then deserve credit for that? If I make a video that's a half hour long and someone can watch it a hundred times and still enjoy it, shouldn't I get credit for giving them 50 hours of entertainment?

I think Youtube creators should get precisely the same benefits as something a major network like ABC gets. If I can make something as well as ABC does for a hundredth the cost, maybe I should be the one people go to. (I don't personally make video, just stating a hypothetical)

The original question was, basically, what would be a fair amount to pay for video if all generally available video was available from the same source. If Youtube stuff got mixed in with all the tv shows and movies that've been shown on cable and the networks, excluding the exclusive channels like HBO, what do people believe the value of that is? You can separate bandwidth costs when stating the value if you want, higher bandwidth costs obviously equals higher expense.
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