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Default Prime95/PrimeNet Mersenne Probability bug


I have the screenshots for you to explain this bug.

I got a new assignment and my worktodo.txt file is timestamped 7/17/2019 12:57AM when it got the assignment and has the below line (note the worktodo.txt file has not changed at all and is timestamped the same still to this moment)

[Worker #1]

At 10:39PM on 7/17 in Prime95 I went Test-->Status and it as shown in the attached screenshot1.png "The chance that the exponent you are testing will yield a Mersenne prime is about 1 in 662132".

I went Help -->About PrimeNet Service to send the 5 million residue.
I then exited Prime95.

I went back into Prime95 and went Test-->Status and now it states as shown in the attached screenshot2.png "The chance that the exponent you are testing will yield a Mersenne rpme is about 1 in 1601932".

That is the bug -- I am testing the same exponent, worktodo.txt did not get touched at all, yet a couple minutes apart Prime95/PrimeNet now reports a different probability. For the rest of the time I test this exponent it will report the different probabilty.

This happened for me for exponents in this new Prime95 (29.8 build 3) when I do my PRP first time tests -- it changes the probability and for the rest of the test until it is done will continue to report this incorrect probability. The previous 29.4 software I used for LL first time tests never did this -- it would always report the 1 in 662132 probability for instance.

Can you advise what is happening?

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