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Smile The factorization of 6,257+.c151

This appeared on my screen a few minutes ago:

Factorization completed after 1527.06 seconds, at Thu Oct 14 13:28:55 2004
Original number had 151 digits:
Probable prime factor 1 has 72 digits:
Probable prime factor 2 has 80 digits:

Full details of the factorization will be announced in due course. I should say at this point though that Francesco Bosia is not only a member of the sieving team, he also performed the linear algebra on the matrix for us. Now that we no longer have access to the MSR cluster we must use other resources, such as Richard Wackerbarth's Mac and my
Athlon box. On this occasion Francesco provided, and I'm very grateful to him. Thanks Francesco!

This factorization completes the "old" list of Most Wanted Cunningham numbers. Sam Wagstaff has since produced a new list.


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