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It sounds reasonable to try another k, but it will be nice if people who reserved ranges of k=210885 almost a month ago tell us their status, and when can we expect them to return results. There are still chances that 210885 is a good candidate if, for example, ET_ finds a prime in the 355-360K range and we find another one for n<450,000. OTOH, if there is nothing all the way to 440K (my range), then it looks like a large gap (the last prime was at 315K by SlashDude), and the next prime should be imminent (?) Since n=440K means 132,000 digits maybe we should continue until we find it. BTW, in my 435-440 range there is nothing up to 439,000. It will be completed in 1-2 days.

As for ksieve, it can work with a single k, but I heard it's more efficient when sieving several k's at the same time. I also wonder is it possible to switch from NewPgen to ksieve when sieving is in progress (say, sieved to 100bn).
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