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Originally Posted by pxp View Post
2020-08-12 22:17:06: Sieve started: 3 < p < 5e9 with 7448612 terms (29963 <= x <= 453605, 2 <= y <= 30453) (expecting 7082193 factors). I am currently at p=418504277 with 7114884 factors found.
With such a large range of x and y, the program I provided is likely faster than the current version that I am running. You can try the attached, but I make no promises that it will be faster. Note that the ABC header format is "ABC $a^$b+$b^$a" or "ABC $a^$b-$b^$a" with no +1 or -1 on each line. I don't recall the format that was supported by what I provided last month.

Note that I am sieving all y < 40000 for x <= 40000.

Also note that it crashes upon shutdown, but that is only after it has written the output file and closed it. I haven't dug into the cause yet. I suspect I'm freeing memory that has not been allocated.
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