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Usually there is no urgency to send in the result, you have 60 daysd from the date of your last successful contact with the server. If you cannot wait or cannot install a network interface card (PC Card, USB or internal card...) to get your connection back you can try the following things.

One way to do it is by logging in on the server (the log-in is important if you want to be credited !) and use the "Manual Test / Results" menu item. In the form you put the relevant content of the results.txt file, for instance :

[Fri Oct 31 16:34:54 2008]
UID: S485122/Q67-P, M21214859 is not prime. Res64: 1E6ED660F07BA2FD. Wd4: DCCC9B7A,17883262,00000000, AID: 33A496F85F46069019FA46610C60E190

This method has one drawback : the result will be credited to a "Manual Testing" computer on your user account.

Another way you could try is to copy the content of the Prime95 folder to a computer that has a working connection, start up the program, do a manula communication and exit. This can have side effects (getting new assigments and a new computer ID...)

Finally you could try to just copy the prime.spl file to the Prime95 folder of another connected computer that is linked to your account and initiate a manual communication. Beware ! Do not overwrite an existing prime.spl file.

The first method is the safest one.

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