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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Italian au pair imprisoned on arrival in the UK for not having the right paperwork.
It seems there are 30 au pairs who have had a similar welcome to the UK. I don't know whether "settled status" or "pre-settled status" pertain.

This February 24 story from France24 indicates a neat "Catch-22" aspect to the situation at that time.

Britain's au pair system 'killed' by Brexit
The system, which typically allows younger foreigners to stay with a family in a host country while they take care of their children, had continued in Britain unimpeded until the end of its transition from the EU at the end of 2020.

However, since the UK's definitive break with the bloc, young people who want to come from the EU to immerse themselves in British culture and learn English now have to obtain a work visa.

"Brexit killed our business, it's a very sad state of affairs," Cynthia Cary, from the Rainbow Au Pairs Ltd agency based near East Grinstead, south of London, told AFP.

Under post-Brexit working terms, au pairs now must earn a minimum of £20,000 ($28,000) per year to obtain a work visa.

That is significantly higher than the £5,000 per year typically given in the past.
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