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Default Project where the goal is to get the highest Prime Pages score.

I already suggested this at my team's forum, nobody was interested, so I'm coming here, hoping for a better response.

I guess the closest this project comes to any other project would be the 15k project, which I guess could be opened up again if you guys like my idea.

I would like to be in a project, and possibly on a team, where the goal is to get the highest Prime Pages score possible. I've been told that, for LLR, using k's from 1 to 31 doesn't slow it down a great deal, so we'd focus on the k's that haven't been scanned a lot yet.

I know I'm not much of a cheerleader and this post is about as dry as week-old toast, but if any of you, even specific teams other than Free-DC, which I've been loyal to for about a year and a half, would be interested in this project, please post.

I'm not looking to be a leader for this possible project, I just want to be on a team that wants to get a high Prime Pages score.

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