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Originally Posted by bhelmes View Post
this is a visualisation for the exponentation of 2*2 matrixs with determant 1 mod f.
I think it is mathematical correct, but perhaps there might be a more beautiful visualisation possible.
After removing some bugs and some duplicates it looks nicer:

The matrixs mod p, with p=3 mod 4 look o.k.

but the other matrixs mod p, with p=1 mod 4 contain elements which do not "lead" to the identity matrix:
For example: p:=37 (16, 23, 23, 33)^(36*38)=/=(1,0,0,1).

Why ? or is it a bug ?

There might be a more mathematically accurate title for this thread:
something like : visualisation of different fields mod p
Perhaps a mod could improve the title.

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