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Default Factorization of 11,212+

The NFSNet Factoring Group is pleased to announce the following result:

Factorization completed after 2648.66 seconds, at Wed Jun 22 14:49:57 2005
Original number had 201 digits:
Probable prime factor 1 has 117 digits:
Probable prime factor 2 has 84 digits:

Matrix (3565005 x 3588716, total weight 213177492) was solved using the CWI implementation of the Block Lanzcos algorithm.
To build the matrix, we collected 43,2 million unique relations utilizing the effort of 270 computers contributed 90 individuals.
The participation numbers are somewhat distorted by "casual" participants. We never had more than 45 users and 171 computers active on any given day.

All post-processing was done in the background on a dual-processor G5 PowerMac with 2,25 GB of RAM which is also used for software development and other tasks.
The result was found on the first dependancy.

Additional information will be posted on our website, .

Thanks to all of the participants. I would particularly like to thank Dr. Daniel Page and the University of Bristol, Computer Science Department for providing both a significant number of sieving computers and, especially, one of our assignment servers. In addition to the computing resources, his personal time in helping to administer the system is invaluable to our effort.

For the Group,

Richard Wackerbarth
Chief Bit Shuffler
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