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Default Multiple branches for cpu-only, or various gpu models

Thanks to a bit of code included in the "Taking advantage of colab pro" page, it's possible to have a Google Colaboratory script detect and branch based on gpu model or no-gpu condition. This allows making use of whatever gpu model one gets, with per-model separate folders and ini file, config.txt, etc. tuned for the specific gpu model or benchmarking for it, and avoid some error messages from the no-gpu-available case.

The attached example script implements that branching, running gpu and cpu as available, and identifying what's happening, as well as giving the user the choice to go ahead with a cpu-only session or quit. It also warns when the worktodo file is smaller than a settable threshold at startup for whichever gpu model is detected. (Mprime is presumed to be PrimeNet connected and getting new work that way as needed.)
A companion script section for building the latest commit of gpuowl is also included.

This could probably be tidied up some with use of Python functions.
If you see ways to make this more efficient, please respond, in a discussion thread, clearly, with change "whatever" to "newstuff".

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