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Originally Posted by R. Gerbicz View Post
As I promised here you can download and use my code:

I've finished the search up to 1e10. There were two new near-Wilson prime.
Impressive speed! I felt tempted to leave one core running the code, but without coordination that would most likely be waste of computing resources.

Speaking about waste of resources: I checked what they are doing at the Ibercivis-project: The server gave 30 primes of size ~2e9 to check with a looong expected completion time. Needless to say, I didn't finish those.

I was surprised that Toshio wanted to have a source for the new near-Wilson primes (in Wikipedia) given that he did not provide a valid source for the previous near-Wilson primes found by rogue. Perhaps someone should put the up-to-date information to some other webpage...
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