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Quite some time ago I read in a surface science book that the surface between a liquid and its vapo(u)r is infinite. Quite frankly I couldn't
understand how something in a test-tube could be infinite in scope.
When looking at Dr. Silverman's comments on the full set onto itself as being infinite (as was crossreferenced to this thread) I began to understand what might be the logic behind the surface science statement. I want to thank Dr. Silverman .
In fact the perception that such is also possibly applicable to ,and responsible for the extreme heat at the surface of the sun also dawned
on me.
While I didn't want to comment while STS14 was in progress, a comment by the active project administrator, that Niels Bohr had given up his surface science investigations, as too difficult, and decided to work on what was to become quantum physics had my sympathy and humor in response.
Finally as to the cross reference, the possibility of a theorem was introduced. LAWS of physics are supported by the evidence , which
brings them into the physics world, as having been proven. My comment,in this thread was applying to the physics proof, however, a mathematical proof and detailed statement might be forthcoming if and when I have a fuller understanding myself. I am thankful for the crossreference made.
So far, I have only put Mersennes at the cent(r)e(r) of attention,in this thread.
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