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I have to say that it is something that I was alreadying pondering over for my LMH range (44-45M). Over the past couple of days since you have posted, I have been giving it even more thought. These are the things that have me nervous.

1. Each exponent would first have to be trial-factored up to 2^70. On my computer (2.4Ghz P4), this would take at least 2 days (very rough estimate) as only 2 exponents are at 70 bit, the remaining 12850 exponents in the 56.5 to 57M range are still only at 63 bit.

2. The p-1 test would take at least a day, probably close to 2 days.

So, at a guestimate, it would take about 3 days per exponent.

In a couple of days when one of my computers finishes the batch of exponents that it is currently working on, I am going to do some proper timings to find out how long it will take per exponent.

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