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Default Riesel primes for k<300

This thread is only for Riesel primes k*2^n-1 for k<300.

The old pages of my RPPDb (Riesel and Proth Prime Database) are outdated (last edit Dec. 2018) and I will not update there anymore.

The new data inlcuding all available history of this forum (or others if needed) will be collected and shown in the Wiki.

At first sight the k=43 page shows some history entries from 2007 to 2018 (with still a hole) including
- current primes found so far with available Top5000 IDs as link
- data of the last history entry (will be used in the table, see below)
- history links to the specific post (if available)
- reservations or only notes

The data table for all k<300 can be found here and is generated automatically from all the k-value pages like above.

- The base template is the Riesel prime, which does the most things like categorizing, display comments and layout automatically.
- The history can be filled in with some small templates like HistC (others: HistF/P/R/S)
- To reserve a k-value the parameter "RReserved" has to be filled with the name/project.
- If a value is reserved, it can be shown on the Person-page as well (example here)
- Post links to other sites are possible like Free-DC, PrimeGrid, NFS@Home, Yahoo
- So called "Multi Reservations" (a range or a list of k-values) reserved by a project can be done easily without editing every k-value again (Example: RPS Drive 10, k-value 10781)

- Old page only showed the last edit, the Wiki can contain the whole history
- Every registered Wiki user can update their own data: no need to wait until done by admins
- The summary table is up-to-date after k-value edit: minimize double reservations

The Wiki is not a replacement for this forum: reservations/ranges done/primes found should still be done in the designated threads.

Suggestions welcome:
- Leave the "Reserved" history entry or delete after range completion? Sometimes reservations are done but not released.
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