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Originally Posted by dannyridel View Post
I am having problems with reporting the tasks:

[2020-01-22 12:23:19 CST] TPS12000: 738405*2^488369-1 is not prime. Residue 3C534AFA78ED4988
[2020-01-22 12:23:19 CST] Total Time: 0:02:58 Total Work Units: 1 Special Results Found: 0
[2020-01-22 12:23:19 CST] TPS12000: Returning work to server at port 12000
[2020-01-22 12:23:21 CST] TPS12000: ERROR: Test for 738405*2^488369-1 was rejected. The server could not parse the message
You might also need an older version of cLLR:
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