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Originally Posted by samuel View Post
u guys are very rude
Hi samuel.

You'll find, if you dig around some other forums on this site, that I'll be the first to criticise members for being rude and unwelcoming. However, I've struggled to find anything in this thread which is unreasonable.

It would be lovely to think you have found a formula which can generate mersenne prime exponents. However, your last attempt at this was littered with outlandish claims, accusations and hubris.

I think we would have all hoped that you would have taken from the last experiment that the distribution of prime numbers is much more complicated than any algebraic relationship will find. I'm loathed to say "don't bother" but at the very least "go ahead, have fun, but please realise that there is a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance that you will actually find what you are looking for and please present your conjectures with an appropriate amount of humility".

I do feel that the comical re-naming of threads is a little rude, when a neutral re-naming could be just as effective, but apart from that, I fear you are witnessing the result of prior burnt bridges.
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