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Originally Posted by sdbardwick View Post
If you used it in a (Nevada for sure, probably most others) casino, you will be arrested; they take a very hard line on cheating.
If you used an electronic aide, yes. But if you memorized optimal play, no. It's doable.

Originally Posted by retina View Post
The thing about casinos is that they never allow the expected return to be >=100%. That would be bad for business.

But learning the optimum strategy for poker is pretty simple, no need to use a computer to tell you. And even without a computer helping you, you can still get kicked out if you play too well. Just don't be a dick about things and they won't mind you playing well, but don't plan to ever get an expected return of over 100%.
False. There are video poker machines in Vegas that have slightly higher than 100% expected value with optimal play. Why are casinos still in business? Several factors:

1. The overwhelming majority of people do not play optimally
2. Even with optimal play, you have to be able to withstand very wide swings
3. Even with a large bankroll, optimal strategy, and playing at a fast speed, you can expect to make... about minimum wage.

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