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Originally Posted by jasong
Sorry if this has been answered before, sometimes people give me obvious search terms which I never thought of:


If I get a GIMPS exponent, immediately put it on hold so I can use the Prime95 feature that says about how long it will take, and then decide it's too big and unreserve it: Is that a problem for the project?

Put another way, if I unreserve an exponent, does it immediately go back into rotation, or does it go into some sort of NO MAN'S LAND where it sits for a long time.

I'm sorry that I can't ask this more succinctly, I hope you guys understand my question.
All first-tiem tests are roughly the same size. If these times are longer than your patience (no shame here, they are for me too!), you cna run double-checks, which a reasonable computer can do in about a week, or trial-factorings, which take about a day each. The drawback is, double-checks give you a pretty much nil chance of finding a prime, and factoring gives you zero chance... but them's the breaks.
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