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I'm currently running just with PBO activated to keep the temps lower. It's not as fast as "Manual overclocking", but keeps the cpu under good temps. I also have memory and fabric overclock, because it gives a nice boost: 3200MHz vs 3600MHz. And it is stable.

It's stable at 4,2GHz@1.25v with air-cooling.

And it also runs at 4,3GHz@1.4v and 4,4GHz@1.4v. But it needs more testing.

So my safe "manual overclock" is 4,2GHz@1.25v.
Yes leave your memory overclocked but undervolt the core. I don't have a Ryzen 3000 series CPU on hand so I can't proof that undervolting doesn't hurt that much but it's not going to be huge. Generally even if the scaling is 100%, the clockspeed to power curve is exponential, but the performance can only be linear at best.
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