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Originally Posted by xx005fs View Post
For GIMPS I seriously recommend undervolting your CPU. I dunno how it works on Ryzen 3000 series but I think setting a manual power limit to say 90W instead of the stock 140W wouldn't drop clockspeed by a lot, and neither will it drop a lot of performance since it seems like that the 3950x performs almost identically to 3900x, indicating a memory bottleneck. It greatly improves the efficiency of the processors for any other tasks other than GIMPS as well.
I'm currently running just with PBO activated to keep the temps lower. It's not as fast as "Manual overclocking", but keeps the cpu under good temps. I also have memory and fabric overclock, because it gives a nice boost: 3200MHz vs 3600MHz. And it is stable.

It's stable at 4,2GHz@1.25v with air-cooling.

And it also runs at 4,3GHz@1.4v and 4,4GHz@1.4v. But it needs more testing.

So my safe "manual overclock" is 4,2GHz@1.25v.

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