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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Water leak is a myth. Condensation is more dangerous (see my former posts, I am water-cooling for about 20 years now, and never got a leak, but with the water block outside of the house, and I mean the HOUSE, not the computer housing, the hoses go through the wall, I had more issues with the condensation in the "cool" winter nights when the temperature dropped to +16°C outside and I had +22°C in house - well I live in Thailand )

Ice-whatever which you linked is... I would not say bullshit, but yet, it is something you could buy in the future for $120 dollars if you deposit $20 right now, and which still blows all the heat inside of your case, needing additional fans (and power invested) to dissipate it out of the house (computer house). It may work for some open-air case, but all in all, quite a bad design. They invested a lot in the vapor chamber and non-conductive liquids (yes, it still has liquid inside), and yet, just a small hose and fan would do it, cheaper, and blowing out of the case. If you are worried so much about leak, use a normal liquid cooler (random link, no endorse), which you can buy for a third of price, fill it with the non-conductive stuff they claim, or use few heat pipes that you can buy for nothing on aliexpress and make your own cooler that moves the heat outside of the computer case. That small piece of hose/tube does wonders! Trust me, I am making a living of designing that stuff.
Ok. So, what watercooler do you recommend? and model?
I like Corsair Series, but are there better ones?

I also applied Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut for the cpu, to keep it cool.
Maybe with liquid-metal I could better results too, but that is not recommended. :)

I'm also happy with the overclocking results. Maybe I can push a little bit more the Infinity Fabric, but it's running stable at the moment at 1800.

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