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mfaktc.ini, checkpoint files, results.txt and worktodo.txt within the same directory or in different directories? For the first case it is really simple (Windows and Linux):
  1. put mfaktc.exe into some directory (e.g "C:\programm files\" or "/usr/local/bin/")
  2. create your working directory
  3. put your worktodo.txt and mfaktc.ini into the working directory
  4. start <some directory>/mfaktc.exe in this directory
not even needed to modify mfaktc.ini

So mfaktc allways uses the "pwd" as a workingdirectory? To this i can not agree. I'll attach my mfaktc startskript. There you can see that my pwd is $HOME and I launch the program with ~/bin/mfaktc-0.20/mfaktc.exe. According to your description mfaktc should look for the worktodo.ini directly in my $HOME, right? But what it actually does is that it reads/writes all related files to ~/bin/mfaktc-0.20.
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