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Originally Posted by roemer2201 View Post
The Worktodo-File is just one part, can I change the place for the checkpoint-files and result files, too? If I install mfaktc into a usual installation directory like /usr/local/bin, users wont have write-permission for the ckp-files. Thats the reason why I was asking for a whole working-directory. Or does mfaktc store ckp-files and the results along with the worktodo.txt?
Sorry. I was speaking from presumption of Windows. Worktodo, results, and *.ckp files all live in the program directory in Windows. The reason I said "Program Files (x86)" should be avoided is similar to the /usr/local/bin you reference. There are problems with write permissions.

I hope one of the Linux-savvy people will pick this up and give you better answers. Linux or not, I'm not sure if other .ini lines for file locations are possible.
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