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Installing a 32-bit OS on a 64-bit-capable processor Just Works (TM): for backwards compatibility, the processor does not start in 64-bit mode, AFAIK.
I have never come across a distro whose installer contains a dialog like
"I have detected that your hardware is 64-bit-capable, but this is the 32-bit version.
64-bit will get you better performance, but some badly coded programs [you'd have to compile them yourself, our repositories are <supposed to be> clean] will not work properly.
Do you want to stop the install process now and get a chance to obtain <somehow> a 64-bit copy ?"

BTW: you may end up with a cleaner install (that is, less stuff that you don't need and duplicate stuff) if you install from either the Gnome install CD or the KDE install CD, both of which have a more restricted package set.
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