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I think the memory isn't the point of failure. Usually this PC runs 6 Days a week and it didnt crash, no matter what i do. I also ran memtest86+ 2 Month ago ... no errors.

The temperature.... i didn't overclock this CPU. A sensors applet is allready running, but i didn't care about that while running mprime. I'll do that today! But when i am running a other programm which causes 100% cpu-load (a virtual pc or updates) the coretemp is not higher then 45°C. Anyway, i'll test it on todays evening.
Much thanks for the lm-sensors guide. I hope you dont mind if i copy this into my wiki ?

Maybe i should test the PC with an older version of mprime and whether it crashes, too.

...I willl post news tomorrow. Thanks so far!

PS.: is it possible to run mprime causing just 50% cpu-load and not 100%? Because on this machine mprime slows down all other processes.
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