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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
probably because your computer is unstable
are you overclocking
what are your temperatures
Core Temp won't work for Linux; lm-sensors is the widely accepted temperature measuring tool of choice for Linux. On a Ubuntu system (desktop or server, don't really matter), just follow these steps:

-Go to a terminal and run the command "sudo apt-get install lm-sensors" (or use your favorite package manager to install the lm-sensors package).

-Then run the command "sudo sensors-detect" in a terminal. It will ask you a bunch of questions; answer Yes to all of them. When it asks whether to update /etc/modules automatically, answer Yes to that too.

-Now, to check the CPU temperature, just run the command "sensors" in a terminal. Depending on your machine, it will output various amounts of sensor data; the main one to pay attention to is the one marked "core temp" or "CPU temperature". (The naming varies from motherboard to motherboard.)

Hope this helps!
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