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Default did Prime95 crash while I was gone?

This is very strange. I left home on Sunday (January 28) and came back today on February 3rd. During this time, I had Prime95 running (trail-factoring) on a laptop. However, when I checked on Prime95, it said that it was "resuming" the factoring, which meant that it was off before.

When I checked the results.txt file, it showed that the last time Prime95 finished a result was on January 29. Each trial-factoring assignment usually takes 36 hours on that computer.

Also, I had the "no icon" option enabled. From what I've noticed, clicking the "x" with the "no icon" option enabled will minimize Prime95 instead of closing it. That way, it would be impossible to shut down Prime95 by accident, so I figured that it must have crashed.

My mother did say that the computer had a problem which forced her to restart it, but I also have the "start at bootup" option enabled.

Has anyone else had this problem before?

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