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Sorry, I donĀ“t know what files exactly do not get written to disk. Where can I see that? Here is the end of the result.txt:

[Sun Oct 08 12:38:10 2006]
UID: S306906/C4FC50009, M34931251 is not prime. Res64: 8AB2D9BB4930E2ED. WZ1: 3C786332,5863980,00000000
[Sun Oct 08 18:44:21 2006]
Self-test 2048K passed!
[Tue Oct 10 19:33:32 2006]
UID: S306906/C4FC50009, M35542697 completed P-1, B1=615000, Wc1: 97859A02

These are the actually produced results since the upgrade.

Now it is fine in such a way that the test has begun. Everything before it was stored with version 24 properly (self test, completed P-1 / B1=615000 etc.). From now on the program begins after a new start always anew with the test (0.00%):

Starting primality test of M35542691
[Oct 24 09:30] Iteration: 10000 / 35542697 [0,02%]. Per iteration time: 0.208 sec.

Changing "Iterations between results file outputs" brought the following result:

[Tue Oct 24 09:30:35 2006]
Iteration 10010 / 35542697

Yes, a new entry

And now? Never again a new start?
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