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I neglected to list adrange: this should be 2x or 4x incr, since poly select runs 2-threaded. That is, for incr = 420, using adrange = 840 gives one c6 value to each thread, while using adrange = 1680 gives two values to each thread per workunit. I've usually used 4x incr (=1680 here), figuring it reduces idle thread time a bit.

Also, ropteffort must be set. The root-opt phase is tiny compared to the main size-opt search; a value like 35 or 40 "should" be effectively "try as hard as you can". Number of polys to root-opt (nrkeep, I think, in param-speak) can be quite small for your 0.5M range, like 30 to 60. I think CADO defaults to like 200 for an entire search of this size, while I used 36 for each of my two runs.
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