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Originally Posted by jvang View Post
  • The brakes and accelerator are very touchy, and it's very easy to cause the car to jerk back and forth.
It gets easier with practice. Part of this is knowing how to angle your feet to get small gradual changes, part is just building endurance in small muscles so you don't get fatigue that makes your foot shake and the car surge.

Originally Posted by jvang View Post
  • You can't see much out through the back window (we have a Honda CRV), so it would suck to not have a backup camera.
  • You also can't see through a lot of the structural parts of the car, so there are a bunch of blind spots in your immediate vision.
  • And the hood of the car makes it hard to park; I kept leaving 3-4 feet of space in the front of the parking spaces where I was practicing.
So not too bad, apart from the whole not-being-able-to-see-anything deal
It's similar to your normal vision: you can't see much, and you have blind spots. But you learn to compensate by building an image of what is around you using the spots you can see, to the point that you hardly notice the blind spots.
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