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Now you know why I'm insistent on remaining "trapped in the past" with my Core2 macbook running 10.6.8 - I tried an upgrade to 10.7.5, it runs but is horrifically, grindingly slow. (And I cloned/regularly-incremental-mirror the 10.6.8-plus-all-my-favorite-apps HD to an SSD, so if/when the former dies I'm good to go). Since I do all my post-SSE2 x86 code-dev on Linux, only real issue with the Mac is the various web browsers, where even the latest version of FF and PaleMoon which run under 10.6.8 have trouble with webpages using web-tech not existing 10 years ago.
And part of why my 8-year-old main use laptop is still Win7, and sports custom made aluminum brackets replacing the hinge mounts that failed in the 17" display part, and why I'm investigating migration of everyday use to a virtual machine that can be moved from hardware set to hardware set as the hardware wears out. FF esr has run its course on earlier versions of Windows OS; no more updates now, and FF was the last holdout.
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