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How fast/slow is your internet connection?
Subscription is 140 Mbit / 30 Mbit, but it is changeable, I have set it at 110 Mbit / 60 Mbit (3rd option is 130 Mbit / 40 Mbit) shows 80/68 right now

(They just offered me 300 Mbit / 60 Mbit for 30% more than I'm paying, I have not decided yet, I do not really need any faster speed).

Is it cable, fibre or a telephone line? Or wireless?

Is is unlimited or data capped?
Unlimited (with fair use policy)
(I think I read a while back you should not use more then 1 TB per month, which might have been raised to 2 TB, but I do not think it is a hard limit)

Do you have any choice of Internet Service Providers (ISP) in your district?

What do you pay (monthly) for your connection?
309 dkk ~ $51 ~ 41 € ~ 37 £

Are you happy with your current provider?

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