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How fast/slow is your internet connection?
We recently got a upgrade to 200 Mbit/s download / 20 Mbit/s upload
Tested with shows 203/19.7

Is it cable, fibre or a telephone line? Or wireless?

Is is unlimited or data capped?
Unlimited (with fair use policy)

Do you have any choice of Internet Service Providers (ISP) in your district?
Technically yes, as we could get a (V/A)DSL connection from KPN over the telephone line, but that is restricted to 25Mbit/s max at our distance.
Practically, no we're limited to Ziggo (cable) as they are the only ones that can give us >100Mbit/s. We need a cable subscription for television anyway, so we're better of with a triple-play subscription (phone, internet, TV).

What do you pay (monthly) for your connection?
€60 per month for the triple-play subscription (phone, internet, TV).

Are you happy with your current provider?
Our current provider Ziggo (they partnered with Vodafone in a joint venture, VodafoneZiggo) does quite often do maintenance, but mostly at night. I do feel like we pay a lot for the TV and phone part which we hardly use.

My mobile phone provider is currently Vodafone, because they partnered with Ziggo, they give me a double data bundle. That is a SIM-only contract for €13 per month (for 2 GByte data and 150 minutes)
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