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Disclaimer: I have no idea of the US university system, rules, fields...
Afaik (in my country) there could be subjects not held in the spring or the autumn semester, not a problem. And sometimes you fail for the first or even the second time. So the graduation is delayed soo much. Especially if you have subjects with conditions like "finish Analysis I".
UNT informed Brown that teaching those concepts “would not be a problem,” according to the lawsuit, but by the end of the semester, they hadn’t been covered.
Brown also named UNT in the lawsuit, which seeks to have the class accepted.
It's clearly UNT's fault and his as he didn't it realize earlier.
I don't know about tcu or unt specialization, since they promote sport but doesn't seem to be a subject centered university (e.g. IT or medical) one can assume that math is not that high pripority or standard. (e.g. in art university math won't be taught at high levels since they not need it that mauch in contrast to engineering unitversity)

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