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Originally Posted by ATH View Post
It should like here:

It is probably because yours is an old result from the v4 primenet server. It seems there are both a "date found" and a "date" field in the database and only one of them got the info from the v4 server. Madpoo can probably tell us more if he sees this thread.

Generally "Exponent Status" with "Show full details" (and "include full ECM history") gives the full info on an exponent.
Yeah, it's a little weird.

Until just recently, the other page wouldn't have shown the dates either in the LL section, although they would have shown up in the "history" section. And even a few months back those older history results wouldn't have been there at all.

Slowly the old v4 detailed info was added in.

The data on the "report_ll" page is queries a bit different and has different bits of info (computer names, any error codes, etc). In short, the report_ll is specific to LL tests, but the "report_exponent" includes LL, TF, P-1, ECM, assignments, history, etc.

At some point it'd be nice to rework both of those pages somehow since they do overlap functionality quite a bit. Emphasis on "at some point" since I don't think James or George are particularly motivated, and myself included.

I may take a stab at it at some point, see if I can't get the info and/or layout a bit more useful and also trim down the ugly dataset that the exponent report page creates behind the scenes.
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