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Default Obscure question on some (very) old data

Good evening, everyone.

I have a random/obscure question on some old data on the server. Specifically, I am looking for a piece of information that is missing from the server.

for M(33999481) there is no date for when the exponent was turned in to the server. Even more specifically, I am looking for when a computer named CA4622378 turned that exponent in to the server. My best guess places the year around mid/late 2005; however, I would like to narrow down the month and day if possible (the time of course is 0:00). This is the only exponent I have turned in for which I have missing data (I'm building my own spreadsheet- judge me). I know that a factor was later found for this number; however, I do not think this is contributing to my inability to find the date turned in.

Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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