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Originally Posted by nuggetprime View Post
I downloaded it,you can take it offline.
Can you also tell me how a candidate file for the server should look like?
Well, the easiest way to make a candidate file is to take an ABC format sieve file, place it in the same directory as an *inactive* server (I'll explain why this is necessary later), and run the command "./prpserver -i abc-file" (where "abc-file" is the name of your sieve file). It will output a candidates file as prpserver.candidates.

Now for why you don't want to do this in the directory of an already-in-use server. That's because when it outputs its new candidates file, rather than appending to any existing ones, it *overwrites* them. So, what I usually do is as follows when I want to add work to a server:

-Generate the candidates file to be added in a separate, "spare" server directory
-Stop the real server
-Concatenate the new candidates file onto the end of the real server's prpserver.candidates file
-Start the real server

This method seems to work pretty well, from what I can tell.
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