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I just encountered a very strange error when testing a PRPnet server on localhost loaded with known-prime base 2 Riesel numbers (k*2^n-1). The client grabbed the work, and did the test with LLR as it should (screen output below):
[2008-12-30 18:48:22 GMT] PRPNET Client application v1.0.0 started
[2008-12-30 18:48:22 GMT] User email address is
Starting Lucas Lehmer Riesel prime test of 745*2^260463-1
Using Irrational Base DWT : Mersenne fftlen = 14336, Used fftlen = 16384
V1 = 4 ; Computing U0...done.
745*2^260463-1, iteration : 10000 / 260463 [3.83%].
snipped all the iteration counts in here
745*2^260463-1 is prime!  Time : 77.617 sec.
[2008-12-30 18:49:40 GMT] a: Could not find RES64 residue [lresults.txt].  Is llr broken?
And, indeed, there was no lresults.txt file to be found in the PRPnet client directory. Also, the "work_a.out" file looked very strange:
ABC $a*$b^$c-1
745 2 seems to have left the n off completely.

However, when I run the exact same copy of LLR manually on the file that PRPnet has left in the client directory, everything looks normal. lresults.txt is present:
745*2^260463-1 is prime!  Time : 80.790 sec.
...however, work_a.out has still left off the n-value:
ABC $a*$b^$c-1
745 2
Yet, this apparent error on LLR's part should not affect the lresults.txt file; that still gets produced exactly as it should. Possibly PRPnet is deleting the lresults.txt file before it gets the chance to read it?

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