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Originally Posted by michaf View Post
Gary, can you send me the sieve file,
I have one core freed up now :)

Also: what is the ideal sieve depth?

thanks :)
Well, I goofed. I accidently deleted my n=50K-100K file that was sieved to P=100G. Fortunately I have a backup file but unfortunately it is only sieved to P=20G. I'm in the middle of sieving it to P=60G on 2 cores and will be done with that on Friday.

I could send you the file sieved to P=20G now and it would only take a little bit longer to sieve for P>60G. Or I could send you a file sieved to P=60G on Friday. Let me know which you'd prefer.

My estimate of the optimum sieve depth for breaking off n=50K-75K would be around P=150-175G but it could be lower...around P=120-130G.

The optimum is not going to come in much higher than the optimum for n=25K-50K (P=100G) because there are going to be many less k's remaining.

Do you want to sieve from P=60G to P=~150G-175G yourself or do you need help?

I assume you know to use srsieve for sieving. If you use more than one core, be sure and use the -f switch for all instances so that it will write out factors for all of them for later removal.


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