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Default What happens when factors are found by TF or ECM

I recently ran TF via a colab session and it found a factor. I didn't observe it when it happened, only afterwards from the results. From that same results page of my Primenet account I saw that it seems like the next TF candidate started immediately after the factor was found. Usually the TF takes 45 mins per candidate, here it was only 20 mins.

Does TF stop after a factor was found? If so, I guess there's a reason, but I can't think of any, k could increase by 1 and two factors could thus be within the same bit-level. Or not?

But maybe I just misread the results.

Similar question regarding ECM. If a factor is found, but the assignment consists of more than 1 curve, will the factor be reported immediately? For smaller numbers it makes sense to restart ECM with the smaller new co-factor, for the large Mersennes maybe not such much. So what does actually happen when a factor is found during an assignment?
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