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I have released 2.2.0:

      Updated OpenCL on Windows.  See makefile for details.
      Updated primesieve to 7.6.
   psieve, psievecl:  version 1.4
      Some refactoring to support OpenCL worker.
      First release of psievecl.
      Verify factors from -I input file

   srsieve2, srsieve2cl:  version 1.5.1
      Fixed bug that was introduced in the refactoring of 1.5 that impacts generic sieving
      while using multiple threads.
      Added -R to remove sequences.  Use -Rk*b^n+c format to remove a single sequence or
      use -R with a file that has multiple sequences.  This is not tested yet.
psievecl is about 20x faster than psieve. The main slowdown is factor validation, which is less noticeable as factors become more sparse.

One odd behavior is that I noticed that srsieve2cl is slower than the previous release, but I do not know why. Even after reverting the framework changes for the release it was slower. I thought it was the update to OpenCL or primesieve, but reverting to the older versions of those made no difference. I'm likely missing something, but I don't know what.

I'm hoping that someone is willing to give the -R option with srsieve2 a spin.
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