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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
If you are willing to do the PRP, do the TF too. Are you using Prime95 v30? If you are not, stop, download v30 and start over from the beginning, it will be important in the long run. What is your exponent? is it in the 100,000,000 range or the 332,000,000 range? The 100,000,000 numbers only need to be taken to 76.
I've tried installing the tf software on a computer that I don't care about but the install failed, and tried to get help but the help didn't work. I don't actually mind doing the TF myself at all to be honest, and would love to do it. I have a laptop that I don't use that I wouldn't mind leaving on for a couple of days.

//EDIT: yes, I meant 100M digits. And before that new exponent starts, I will be switching out the version of P95 to the new version.

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