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Originally Posted by odicin View Post
Yup, you have downgrade at least to 5.3.1 to get work from port 12000.

Regards Odi
You can get (and complete) work from port 12000 with 5.3.0, but the server won't accept the results:

PRPNet Client application v5.3.0 started
User name MooMoo2 at email address is
TPS12000: Getting work from server at port 12000
TPS12000: PRPNet server is version 4.1.4
TPS12000: 322125*2^492271-1 is not prime.  Residue FDED9BBE6F91E42C
Total Time:  0:01:04  Total Work Units: 1  Special Results Found: 0
TPS12000: Returning work to server at port 12000
TPS12000: ERROR:  Test for 322125*2^492271-1 was rejected.  The server could not parse the message
TPS12000: INFO: 0 of 1 test results were accepted
Could not connect to any servers and no work is pending.  Pausing 3 minutes
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