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Default Strategic Double Clicking

So here's the thought, if you missed the discussion in the "Lounge" thread:

I'm doing an analysis of computers to see which of them have had a sketchy track record, and return unusually high #'s of bad residues.

I've done my own pilot program, picking some 34M exponents that had only been tested once by machines with spectacularly low good/bad ratios and it's been pretty effective. Off the top of my head I'd say that in the first 15 or so of these that I've targeted, ~12 of them ended up with my result NOT matching that first test by the iffy machine.

Here's the plan then:
I generate lists of exponents that have only been checked once by these suspect machines, and people volunteer to take them on.

George has suggested either doing a manual assignment request which should work okay for exponents above 40M. For smaller exponents (I'll figure out the exact threshold) his suggestion is to just go ahead and add a "DoubleCheck=xx" line to your worktodo and get it going. It'll apparently create the assignment next time it contacts the server (is that correct, George?)

I'm not quite sure the best way to hand out any exponents... I could just post a list here like I was doing for the triple-checking stuff, and let people request blocks of work (first come, first serve)? Or would people prefer if they volunteer for X exponents and I just PM those, to avoid problems like multiple people accidentally starting on the same things? Not sure how things like that have been done previously.

I probably shouldn't generate a big list ahead of time because it might get auto-assigned to a random participant in the meantime.

So, any comments, questions, ideas?
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